The USS Venture (NCC-71854), one of Starfleet's finest vessels, is also one of its most famous. Having served with great distinction during the Dominion War under the command of Admiral Hastur, the Venture has become a familiar face around the core worlds of the Federation, keeping the peace and serving as a guiding light for the Federation's diplomatic corps. In recent years, her legend has continued to grow, her reputation following her on her voyage through the dangerous, unchartered Gavarian Corridor.

A symbol of strength and longevity, of power and status, the USS Venture serves in Bravo Fleet's Task Force 93. Under the command of a eclectic band of explorers, Venture will patrol the volatile area of space along the border of two great empires, foster peace in the region and forge her way forward, into the 'Undiscovered Country'.

The USS Venture is a Play by Nova simm set in the year 2388. Events taking place follow Star Trek, Bravo Fleet and Task Force canon and should be treated accordingly. Anyone wishing to join, should visit the LCARS Database and its Official Protocol section first.

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S4E4.5: Once More, With Feeling
Stardate 65739.1
September 27th, 2388
MD 1

Location: Faltan Station
Speed: Docked
Shields: Offline
Hull: 72%
Systems: Online
Weapons: Offline

Latest News Items

» Venture's new direction

Posted on Tue Feb 26th, 2019 @ 2:18am by Captain Makayla Perin-Zyl in Announcement

Hello everyone,

This is a bittersweat announcement for me to make so bear with me here. As you all know I've been running Venture for many years, I originally joined the sim back in 2013 and took charge not long after that. Venture is my first sim command and has been a huge part of my life. I couldn't be more thankful for the time I've spend here and for all the people who've joined me along the way.

Of course in the last year or so we've hit several bumps along the road, activity wise and smaller player base, and I feel it is time to revamp our sim. To that end I've been working with Kos and Sin on combining out sim with that of the Southern Cross. Venture will continue as the garrison vessel for our new home, Starbase Kusawake, a Stardock class station in orbit of the planet Ashland.

The Cross will operate in the same theater but not always directly share missions with us. Everyone will be allowed to PC characters, one for the base and one for the Cross should you desire. IC wise Venture crew will transfer over to the base and operate in their respective positions there.

I hope you all will make the journey with us, it's strange to not 'officially' still have the Venture under my wing, I honestly thought I'd be running the sim until I completely stopped writing. But this is an exciting next step and will keep her legacy a part of our writing even as we continue onto the next chapter for the sim.

If anyone has any questions about the whole thing please reach out to the team and we'll do our best to answer. We'll also have official dates for things moving over and starting soon.

Thank you all for being a part of this adventure with me, it's been amazing and the best of my life.

» The Key to Knowledge

Posted on Sat May 19th, 2018 @ 5:17am by Captain Makayla Perin-Zyl in Arrivals/Departures

Hey everyone!

Please join me in welcoming aboard Christina, playing Intelligence Analyst Moyra Walsh! Coming to us from Delphi, Moyra is a great character and Christina an energetic and experienced writer. I hope she enjoys her time with us as much as she did Delphi.


» Grab your covers and shine those boots!

Posted on Sat Jan 6th, 2018 @ 8:43am by Captain Makayla Perin-Zyl in Arrivals/Departures

Hello Everyone!

I'm happy to announce that we're starting this new year strong! Not only do we have an active crew and a great mission to get sunk into but we have us a new member. A longtime writer Shep will be joining us as out Bosun Chief Warrant Officer 3 Javiylah MacArthur! Shep brings us a former admin background and enthusiasm to explore deeper facets of her characters!

I can't wait to get started and see her get sunk into the mess we've all found ourselves in.

Welcome aboard Chief!!

» Time to put in those supply requisitions!

Posted on Sat Aug 5th, 2017 @ 6:02am by Captain Makayla Perin-Zyl in Arrivals/Departures

Good news everyone!

I know we've all been burdened with having to rough it with our supplies running low, but no longer! I'd like you all to join me in welcoming aboard/back Monoui, she will be playing our Chief Operations Officer, Lieutenant Junior Grade Seras. For those who aren't familiar or forgotten Seras is one of the Cairn A unique telepathic species I'm very excited to see what she comes up with!

» Open Enrollment (Arrivals)

Posted on Sat Jun 17th, 2017 @ 9:22am by Captain Makayla Perin-Zyl in Arrivals/Departures

Good news everyone!

In this day and age health care is a real concern. With premiums from Ferengi insurers at an all time high and all the best Vulcan Doctors not accepting new patients it's hard to keep yourself in tip top condition. Thankfully for those of us aboard Venture we no longer have to worry. I'd like you all to join me in welcoming Alex playing Lieutenant Fyvel Kenohya and James playing Lieutenant Gregory Helms our new CMO and ACMO respectively. They'll be taking care of our crew's well being and possibly shaking things up along the way. Both are veteran writers and come to us with a lot of experience and creativity so I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what they come up with.

We'll be getting them both officially aboard soon but in the mean time feel free to get started on those medical check ins! We're all a bit behind on our annual physicals. ;)


Latest Mission Posts

» Decisions, Decisions

Mission: S5E1: Things That Never Were
Posted on Mon Apr 8th, 2019 @ 2:07pm by Petty Officer 1st Class Lumo Elnora

The lounge buzzed around Lumo as she perched on a stool at the bar. Over her shoulder, the doors regularly whisked open and closed as people entered and exited. There was quiet conversation, laughter, the muted sounds of diners with their plates and cups. Lumo wasn’t really paying attention to…

» New Quarters: Part 8

Mission: S5E1: Things That Never Were
Posted on Mon Apr 1st, 2019 @ 5:08am by Chief Warrant Officer Three Javiylah MacArthur & Lieutenant Ayanja Tusalo

The hot springs had been amazing and the winter snow around had been beautiful, she'd have to go back sometime.

"How long were you in Japan?" Javi was curious. She had heard a bit from her sister and her friends about their training trips when they were in the Academy…

» Just a few modifications?

Mission: S4E4.5: Once More, With Feeling
Posted on Mon Apr 1st, 2019 @ 5:00am by Chief Warrant Officer Three Javiylah MacArthur & Lieutenant JG Moyra Walsh

Walsh walked into the area her eyes scanning for the person she sought. She caught sight of the Chief Warrant Officer and quietly waited, leaning against a bulkhead for the older woman to be free. Her uniform squared away and her hair tied back, she looked much like any other…

» Best Laid Plans

Mission: S4E4.5: Once More, With Feeling
Posted on Fri Mar 1st, 2019 @ 10:37am by Captain Makayla Perin-Zyl & Lieutenant Commander Sinara & Lieutenant Grigor Eisenberg-Sloane & Lieutenant Commander Neydani Velia & William "Billy" McKenna

Mess Hall, en route to Bajor sector

It had taken her the better part of a day to come to terms with the orders she'd received from Oversight. She almost couldn't believe that someone had finally listened and was re-tasking resources to attend to the growing problem. She was going…

» The Key of the Morning

Mission: S5E1: Things That Never Were
Posted on Sat Feb 9th, 2019 @ 10:26pm by Petty Officer 1st Class Lumo Elnora

Lumo took a breath and felt a tiny sense of relief at the opportunity to pause in the current madness. However brief, it was appreciated. She looked around the room and the smooth metallic surfaces of the various pieces of equipment triggered a thought inside her mind; the thought found…

Latest Personal Logs

» A Fond Farewell

Posted on Thu Mar 15th, 2018 @ 12:53pm by Lieutenant JG Gradon

The USS ShiKahr, a Nova-class vessel built for short-term exploration missions, had just completed its survey of planets and seldom-explored star systems along the borders of the Romulan Neutral Zone and, after resupplying at Starbase 26, now set its course for Deep Space 14 in a section of space known…

» Moving Up. (After New responsabilities)

Posted on Sat Dec 9th, 2017 @ 1:44pm by Lieutenant JG Shris Keval

"Personal Log" The Andorian began. "Lieutenant Junior Grade," There was a slight pause as he sat down on his bed, he'd never really been one for video logs, The only person who ever got those these days was Kesn, his bond group had never really been a good match.


» The Things in a Day

Posted on Fri Jul 28th, 2017 @ 5:10am by Lieutenant Fyvel Kenohya

"Computer, Begin personal log.

"Well, my first day was... not how I imagined it. It was good, but I was not expecting Earl to escape his cage and spontaneously decide to meet the Captain with me. I am thankful that he did not frighten the Captain, however, or vice versa.…

» Please Call Again

Posted on Sat Jul 22nd, 2017 @ 2:09am by Petty Officer 1st Class Lumo Elnora

“Are you there Elnora? Of course you’re not. You’re probably away having fascinating conversations with fascinating aliens. Anyway, since you don’t call home nearly as often as you should, as your mother, I have to call you.
You’ll be happy to hear that your father has made enough from the…

» A Poor First Impression

Posted on Sun Apr 30th, 2017 @ 7:33am by Lieutenant Raksha Chandra

Chief Engineer's Personal Log, Stardate 65608.9

I have been aboard the U.S.S. Venture now for approximately two hours. Within that time, I have managed to personally offend the ship's executive officer, display a total lack of discipline and professionalism, and have been threatened with a reprimand, this all just two…