Lieutenant JG Shris Keval

Name Shris Keval

Rank Lieutenant JG


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Personal Data

Species Andorian
Gender Male
Age 23
Height 178 CM
Weight 72 KG

Physical Appearance

Hair Color White
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description Of average build and height, Shris doesn't stand out from other Andorians. He is a Light blue in hue with light grey-blue eyes, he's far more along the

He is Moderately fit but not muscular, from regular exercise, hiking and climbing being his favourite.

His short cut hair comes just forward of his antennae, between and around them, often with the front slightly spiked up.


Spouse See Other Family
Children None
Father Tokyn th'Keval
Mother Pesas sh'Kysos (estranged)
Brother(s) Shralyn Zh'Kysos – 1/2 Sister - 20 (Mothers side, estranged)
Sister(s) Eevyh sh'Kalane - half sister – 28 (Fathers side)
Other Family Members of Shelthreth group:

Eeros sh'Tokeh

Kesn zh'Shivn

Thuryn ch'paln

Shris th'Keval

Personality & Traits

General Overview Shris isn't the strict disciplinarian that some might think of for the tactical department and an Andorian, though he does take his work seriously, personal matters are far more friendly.

The switch between the two can be somewhat odd and shocking, but it's something he picked up from his family, when something needs doing you do it, then you can have all the fun you want.

A firm believer in what the Federation Stands for, he doesn't agree with all the positions and orders it gives, but that is one of the core tenants of the whole institution, being able to disagree and discuss, not that he wont follow them.

His attitude to the unaligned and the enemies of the Federation is cautious and pragmatic. A side he values but often lends him to conflict with those of a more idealistic nature.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths

Understands the difference between theory and practical

Willing and able to serve

Good understanding and aptitude for ship to ship combat

Young and willing to learn

Good understanding of weapons systems usage and maintenance.


Average security/tactical level hand to hand fighting and short range weapons

Not a great pilot

Largely untested and young

Disgusting and cautions to non allies and those not pledged to the Federation.
Ambitions Ambitions:
To do his people, clan and in particular crew mates

Apply himself fully to his duties(without loosing himself in them)

Protect the Federation and hopefully not die doing it

Become a respected and trusted officer

Eventually become a Chief tactical officer.

Hopefully one day have a command of his own.
Hobbies & Interests His interests primary lay within doing his job and enjoying himself when he can.

He is keenly interested in history, military history in particular.

He prefers to read most history though has found holodeck simulations helpful for understanding certain theories, tactics and the like.

Enjoys mountaineering, hiking and climbing.

His quarters are often a colder level than most areas of the ship.


History Shris was born on Andoria as the second of two children in his parent’s original grouping, a younger brother was later born between his father and the other female of the group.

Growing up first with the one who carried him to term he eventually spent most of his childhood with his father, a Federation Security agent, moving around often.

Moving around a fair bit he was partially self/home schooled. His beliefs were particularly influenced by his father, particularly his loyalty to the Federation along with a strong sense of duty and responsibility.

Returning during his mid-teens to Andoria, living with his mother and working hard at his schooling, initially wanting to follow his father’s footsteps into federation security but was slowly drawn with his continued interest in history towards Starfleet, along with the usual sense of adventure it offered.

During his time on his home world, Shris was first introduced to the members of his marriage group, something that affected him greatly, it was something that for people of his clan always happened younger than humans or Vulcans.

Finishing his schooling on Andoria, something he did reasonably well in, even if he was often caught up in history. With his schooling over he applied to and was selected for Starfleet Academy

Attending the academy, was a big step, it meant leaving his group and his home. So began the next chapter of his life.

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