Lieutenant Raksha Chandra

Name Raksha Chandra

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Personal Data

Nickname N/A
Species Human
Gender Female
Age 28
Height 5'3"
Weight 129lbs

Physical Appearance

Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description At first, it should be noted that there is no particular traits of great exception in Raksha’s appearance. She bares no scares no blemishes of note but also does not appear to possess a particularly fine complexion either.

She is neither singularly beautiful nor noticeably hard on the eye. Her medium-length hair, parted on the left side, sits comfortably around her face and can appear to have great volume, though it is often seen to be quite unkempt at times too.

Her dark, chocolate brown eyes are arguably her most noticeable feature, being large and bright and a great conveyor of her emotions and mental state.

She speaks with an educated tone, indicative of her British education though with slight Indian annunciations and inflections upon her words.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Vivek Chandra – A scientist specializing in transporter and replication technologies.
Mother Hassana Chandra – An electrical engineer.
Brother(s) Abdul Chandra – A politician working at the Federation Council.
Sister(s) None
Other Family None of note.

Personality & Traits

General Overview A loud and rather anxious woman by nature, Raksha is known for her loud, authoritative tones when shouting orders from across the Main Engineering bay. For a woman of her height and stature, she can be rather imposing when the situation calls for it.

She can normally be found with a mug of Lapsang Souchong tea by her side, a drink that has often been left to go cold due to her becoming engrossed in her work.

Indeed, there have been times where there were so many mugs left lying around, other officers have used them to build towers or rudimentary tables to place equipment that was being worked on.

Though a member of Starfleet and someone who believes very strongly in their ideals and goals within the galaxy, Raksha is known to hold certain, slight prejudices against particular alien species, most notably the Romulans, whom she has had dealings with in the past.

Despite her frantic nature, Chandra is an efficient worker who can yield results in even the most trying of circumstances. An engineering section under her command has been described as ‘controlled chaos’.
Strengths & Weaknesses STRENGTHS:

Energetic: Raksha is known for her frantic energy when working. She seldom walks anywhere and can often be seen sprinting from station to station. She works incredibly quickly and surprisingly efficiently in difficult circumstances.

Charismatic: Whether it is her quick wit and dry humor or her bold and imposing demeanor that is brought to bear, Raksha Chandra is certainly a strong presence regardless. She commands attention with ease and is seldom ever a quiet voice in any meeting.


Prejudice: Raksha is known to harbor slight prejudicial views with regards to certain alien races, particularly the Romulans. This extends also to Cardassians, Benzites, Pakleds, and Vulcans. Though she never allows her opinions or attitudes to stand in the way of her work, it can sometimes make relations with certain species somewhat strained.

Frantic: Both a blessing and a curse, Raksha’s chaotic nature can often lead to disarray and sometimes even mistakes in high-pressure situations. She is known to become increasingly difficult to communicate with when she is working under duress and can become short, ornery, and even aggressive in stressful situations. It is often advised to simply let her ‘get on with it’ in such situations.
Ambitions Raksha’s hopes and dreams are somewhat simple. She wishes to continue serving Starfleet to the best of her abilities and is willing to adapt to any situation thrown her way. She has flirted with the idea of training in a Command position, but is not too worried if such an opportunity never comes her way.
Her greatest hope is simply to command a team that she has full faith and trust in, a team that she knows will get the job done without her interference.
Hobbies & Interests Raksha is a great lover of music, particularly classical, and is a proficient and talented cello player. It has been said that she can be seen at her most relaxed when playing said instrument and has frequently joined her fellow crewmates in performing in quartets and even small chamber orchestras.

In addition, she is a great lover of music from different cultures, particularly Earth’s own historically cultural music.

As an often-neglected hobby, Raksha has designed and worked on different electronic instruments with varying levels of success. She did however once accidentally create a device that emits a frequency that is unpleasant for Cardassian voles and is thus useful in flushing them out from hidden spaces.

Though she is atheist, Raksha respects the more ‘traditional’ Islamic-based lifestyle of her family and is tea-total.


History Born and raised in Calcutta, India, Raksha Chandra is the younger of two children by Vivek and Hassana Chandra. She enjoyed a rather modest lifestyle as a young child and would commonly play in the streets with the other local children. She was also a great lover of video games and would often vanish for days at a time round her friends’ houses, playing with them.

Her parents had met at a tech conference in Beijing and are both renowned engineers and scientists in their respective fields. In addition to being married, Vivek and Hassana are also colleagues and regularly work together on experimental transporter systems.

Raksha quickly became interested in her parents work at a young age and both were more than happy to teach her the basics of modern engineering.

Her first and greatest memory as an engineer was programming her father’s experimental replicator to produce chocolate-flavored broccoli.

Raksha and her family moved to Brighton, England when she was 10. There, she spent her teenage years and was educated in physics and technical engineering.

At the age 17, she enrolled at Starfleet Academy as an engineering student.

Starfleet Service

Service History Raksha enrolled at Starfleet Academy at the age of 17 and studied in engineering fields. She specialized in impulse technologies and warp theory as well as EPS networking and transporter technology.

As extra-curriculum activities, Raksha joined the Academy’s orchestra as a cello player, eventually achieving a spot in the first section. She also took classes in shuttle piloting, which she proved to be at least proficient in.

She graduated in 2381 and was assigned to the U.S.S. Journey, a Century-class exploration cruiser operating in the Alpha Quadrant near the borders of the Ferengi Alliance, Breen Confederacy, and Cardassian Union, as an engineering officer.

To begin with, Raksha didn’t seem to make much of a name for herself. She was known to be an incredibly efficient and reliable officer though she seldom spoke to her other crewmen and was believed to be incredibly quiet and somewhat anti-social.

However, this changed at a live recital of Gustav Holst’s planets symphony in the ship’s function hall, a recital her Chief Engineering Officer had requested she play at, given that she was a first-section cellist in Starfleet Academy. He had been to one of her performances before at the Academy and was incredibly impressed with her talents as a musician.

Following the show, many of her fellow crewmen spoke to her at length about her playing and she quickly made friends with many of ship’s complement.

From then on, Raksha began to show her true self as a loud, chaotic, but ultimately decent individual. She became infamous for her dry wit and sarcastic and often cynical but overly apparent sense of humor.

She continued her service as a regular officer within the Journey’s main engineering section for the next two years, during which she saw her fair share of action.

In 2182, the Journey found itself in a sudden conflict with decenters from the Cardassian Union whom apposed their governments new regime and wished to see a return to their people’s more historical presence as conquerors and commanders within the quadrant.

The Cardassian decenters eventually brazenly made a push in to Federation space in a rather folly attempt at a surprise attack on Deep Space 12. The Journey was ordered to intercept and, upon arrival, found itself facing down the bow of a Galor-class Cardassian cruiser, an equally matched ship by all accounts.

However, as the battle began, the ship quickly threw several surprises at the Journey as many of its armaments and shielding systems had been adapted or replaced with Romulan modifications and the engineering crew of the century-class quickly had to think on their feet if they were to have any hope of outmatching their adversaries.

Collectively, they were able to modify their shield array to compensate for the volleys of both Cardassian and Romulan disruptor volleys being launched at their ship and were able to modify their phaser frequencies to combat their enemy’s shield modifications.

After the battle was over, the Journey began an investigation in to the origin of these modifications to the Galor-class.

Though most believed these modifications came simply from looted and adapted parts found aboard Romulan derelicts following the Dominion War, Raksha was among those that suspected a grander, fouler scheme afoot. She had always held a deeply-seated mistrust for the Romulans and was quick to jump upon the theory that the decenters were spurred on by the Tal Shiar in an attempt to destabilize the fragile relations between the newer Cardassian Union and the Federation.

In 2183, Raksha’s parents came aboard the Journey to visit during its standard maintenance cycle while it was docked at Deep Space 9. After giving them the tour of the vessel, Vivek and Hassana were personally greeted by Captain Bonha Prel, a joined Trill who had proudly served Starfleet for a combined symbiotic lifespan of over 60 years.

Captain Prel thanked Vivek and Hassana for blessing her vessel with such a wonderfully talented and skilled Engineering officer. The two parents were grateful for the Captains compliments, after which they were asked if they had any recommendations they could give Captain Prel regarding upgrades and modifications that could possibly be made to the Journey’s EPS network or transporter systems.

The three Chandras all chimed in at once, forcing Prel to stop them and escort them all to Main Engineering where they could all explain their suggestions in a little more detail.

Following their demonstrations and proposed theories, Prel escorted Raksha’s parents and the ensign to the air lock, where they parted ways as Hassana and Vivek returned to Deep Space 9.

Following this, Prel called Raksha to her ready room, where she revealed that the current transporter chief, lieutenant Dann, was retiring and returning to his home planet of Sauria once the ship’s maintenance cycle was complete. She requested Raksha take over as the new transporter chief, given her and her parents history and expertise in such matters, a request Raksha was reluctant to accept as she considered the assignment ‘dull’ but ultimately agreed to.

Raksha served as transporter chief for a year aboard the Journey, during which she got to work implementing her and her parent’s modifications to both the transporter buffer and long-range systems as well as the Journey’s EPS grid.

Almost exactly a year after Raksha’s assignment as transporter chief, the Journey docked at Deep Space 12 to take on new crewmen and relieve itself of those either retiring, resigning their commission, or transferring to new posts aboard other vessels or stations.

Ensign Chandra was called to the station, where she was greeted both by Captain Prel as well as two other members of Starfleet Command. There, she and several other crewman were granted promotions for their continued exemplary service to Starfleet. Having reached the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade, Prel once again assigned Raksha to Main Engineering, where should would now serve as Assistant Chief Engineering Officer under Commander Morem.

For the next four years, Chandra served under Morem both complimentary and antagonistically. Though she was a loyal and dedicated Starfleet officer and devoted and willing to carry out her duties as Morem’s second-in-command, lieutenant Chandra and the Vulcan Chief Engineer often came to blows due to disparate differences in personality and command style.

Being a Vulcan, and a traditional one at that, Morem commanded with great calm and organized efficiency but could sometimes be seen as somewhat conservative and even slow, ‘playing it safe’ a little too often.

Raksha however was as fast and as adaptive as she was erratic and over-excited. Where Morem spoke in soft, slow, and impersonal tones, Raksha was prone to shouting and becoming incredibly invested in her work. She was hurl insults and demands as loudly as she would compliments and jokes regarding jobs well done.

Despite these great differences in command style, commander Morem and lieutenant Chandra held a seldom-spoken but deep-seated respect for each other, both appreciating the value of the other’s talents and style in the department, even if they were themselves conflicting approaches.

Raksha felt, after her time aboard the Journey, that she was ready for something more however. She wanted to get to the bottom of the incident that occurred along the Cardassian border, as well as uncover the truth of other rumors circulating that suggested that the Romulans were once again reaching out in to the wider galaxy, surreptitiously manipulating events occurring beyond their borders, and whether there was any truth to this situation. The heart of Romulan interaction with the Federation, and a current hotspot for Starfleet, was the recently formed Raeyan Transit Corridor, a small expanse of space under the control of the Federation that passed precariously between Romulan and Klingon space.

Within that region of space, the famed U.S.S. Venture, one of the remaining Galaxy-class vessels, was currently operating. Chandra set her sights upon that ship, and leaped at the chance to finally have a command within engineering of her own once news of Lieutenant Allaway’s transfer from the vessel reached the Venture.
Service Record 2377 – 2378 - Starfleet Academy – Cadet (Freshman Grade)

2378 – 2379 - Starfleet Academy – Cadet (Sophomore Grade)

2379 – 2380 - Starfleet Academy – Cadet (Junior Grade)

2380 – 2381 - Starfleet Academy – Cadet (Senior Grade)

2381 – 2383 - U.S.S. Journey – Ensign – Engineering Officer

2383 – 2384 - U.S.S. Journey – Ensign – Transporter Chief

2384 – 2388 - U.S.S. Journey – Lieutenant Junior Grade – Assistant Engineering Officer

2388 – Current – U.S.S. Venture – Lieutenant - Chief Engineering Officer
Psychological Profile N/A
Commanding Officer's Review N/A

Starfleet Service Notes

Notes N/A

Security Data

Security Access Level Level 7
Security Access Code Chandra-Beta-2-9-3-1
Command Access Authorization Code Chandra -Epsilon-5-5-3-9
Voice Authorization Code “Authorization Chandra-gamma-seven-nine-two”
Duty Shift Beta Shift
Duty Shift Assignment N/A
Location of Personal Quarters Deck 21


Commendations N/A
Ribbons (Row 1) N/A
Ribbons (Row 2) N/A