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The Things in a Day

Posted on Fri Jul 28th, 2017 @ 5:10am by Lieutenant Fyvel Kenohya

"Computer, Begin personal log.

"Well, my first day was... not how I imagined it. It was good, but I was not expecting Earl to escape his cage and spontaneously decide to meet the Captain with me. I am thankful that he did not frighten the Captain, however, or vice versa. After that, the two... I guess I should say, the three of us went to sickbay, partially to put Earl back in his cage but also to get a glimpse of my new workspace. Personally, I think all Federation medical facilities look the same, there are only minor differences, but this one I can get used to. It's not that different from the Destiny; if anything, slightly bigger. Like I told the Captain, it's the scent that makes each sickbay unique. But like my last posting, there is a nice little room that could make a nice new home for everyone."

Fyvel paused as she stood to get herself some herbal tea, watching the cup appear. The steam made a small fog patch up the edge of the replicator until she removed the cup, which then made the patch shrink before disappearing completely. Blowing a puff of air across the top of the cup, Fy took a little sip before continuing with the log.

"I suppose I shouldn't be talking about my first day if it isn't quite over yet. I'm expecting the new assistant chief to arrive in the next couple hours, at the earliest, but I heard that it could easily be tomorrow. Nevertheless, it gives me time to make sickbay look more presentable. I have kept the majority of the biobeds clear and avoided making tripping hazards, but the room is still cluttered, and the heavens know that I hate working in any kind of clutter.

"I just heard from Tolar, he got all the paperwork on his end approved to send Kimar to live on board with me. He was able to ask a favor of a friend of his who was transferring to a starbase en route, who also agreed to supervise my son to make sure he gets here alright. The Captain already approved, so he should be here in about three days."

She paused to take a sip of her tea, then told the computer to continue recording in main sickbay as she left her cup in her office and continued to unpack.

"It's been... wow, almost 8 years, since I've seen Kimar. He had just turned 9 when I graduated from the Academy. I bet I'll hardly recognize him." A chuckle, followed by a grunt from lifting something heavy. "Of, course, most kids go through a huge physical change when they reach puberty, so of course he will be different than he was last time I saw him. That boy always hated getting his hair cut, so I wouldn't be surprised if his father didn't take him to get it trimmed that often. I swear, some days I have to drag that boy in by his ankles, just to trim the tips of his hair."

Thump. "While Denobulans are well known for their patience, I can't wait to see my son. From my experience, both with myself and with other mothers, that's a fairly normal occurrence, regardless of one's level of patience and self control. But from what his father has told me, he is becoming very interested in science, so I will ask the science department if they wouldn't mind giving him a tour.

"I think my only difficulty so far on board is that feeling of being the new one. After four years on the USS Destiny, the friendships and other relations I made were deeper and stronger. I guess I'm used to going to the lounge with Sarah and Winsel after our shifts and just chatting over drinks or a meal. I've yet to really meet anyone yet, but after taking a peek through the medical records I see that some of them are due for their annuals. If work helps me meet new faces, then I guess it will have to do." She gave a slight chuckle at her words. "Hopefully making new friends here won't be too difficult, but it seems I may make one with the Captain. She was very friendly during our encounter, especially when Earl decided to make a surprise visit, but I've promised to not make it a habit of him roaming the halls.

"Speaking of... no Earl, you already ate, so stop complaining. You're on a diet anyways. Computer, end log."


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