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Fancy running into you here

Posted on Mon May 14th, 2018 @ 7:58am by Captain Makayla Perin-Zyl & Chief Warrant Officer Three Javiylah MacArthur

Mission: S4E4: A Star Once Shone Bright
Location: Deck 12
Timeline: Following 'Want a Worm?'

Kayla tried to keep her composure as she left sickbay, walking out rather than running like she wanted to. It had been bad enough to hear that a host had been killed and a symbiont had been put in danger on her watch... but that the Doctor wanted her to be the one to take it on... Add onto that the number good people she'd lost in this nebula, Kayla had been on the edge of losing it. Thankfully the Doctor had been kind enough to suggest that they take some time to think. Kayla hadn't felt so much less like a Captain and more like the scared and overwhelmed girl she once was.

She should be on the bridge, keeping an eye on things and more importantly she needed to speak to Velia. This decision of taking on the Zyl symbiont wasn't one she could make on her own. Velia was her life, the person who gave her purpose, who she came home to every day. Kayla very well couldn't go changing who that person was and there would be changed. Sure she'd largely be the same woman, but there was no way to avoid taking on personality traits of the symbiont or the past hosts. There was also no way to tell what those would be.

It was all a lot to take in, to sort out. And she needed to sort it out... So Kayla took a bit of a walk, making her way to her quarters by way of the stairs connecting the various decks, touring the ship as it were.

Having received orders to stand down for a few hours, Javi and the rest of the runabouts transported back aboard. As she had been leaving the Transporter Room, her commbadge had gone off with a request for assistance, which hadn't surprised her in the least. Most of the senior enlisted, including the majority of her Bosun's Mates, were either incapacitated or overburdened. Javi hadn't had much of a break so far, and didn't expect to get any rest during their supposedly "off-time," but knew that it was unavoidable given the current situation. As she moved along the corridor, her attention was split between the area around her and a running list of repairs, crews, and other ship information in her head.

Seeing a red uniform far ahead, Javi knew it was either someone in Flight Control or Command. Both departments had been as affected as her own and she hadn't been aboard long enough to identify most personnel by sight yet. Given that most personnel were also significantly shorter than she was didn't help either. Javi adjusted her course so she was passing on the right side, as was proper, and didn't inhibit passage for the other individual.

Kayla nearly sidestepped the woman, she looked busy and the last thing that the Trill wanted to do was get in the way of a crew member who was just trying to do her job. Something though caught her eye, a slight glint of gold that wasn't quite a pip... "Boats?" It was her Kayla was sure of it now, stopping in her tracks to address the Senior Enlisted officer as well as the current leader of the runabout team. "What are you doing here, I thought I ordered everyone to get some rest?"

Kayla mentally kicked herself a bit, that sounded far more accusatory than she'd intended. But she was tired and so were her people and she needed those leading them to safety to be in top condition if they had a hope of getting out alive.

Javi had seen the four pips on the other woman's collar just as her Commanding Officer addressed her. She braced to attention, a reflex from years of service,"Yes, Captain." This was the second time that she'd been addressed personally by her new Commanding Officer and Javi still didn't have a good read on her. Not that it mattered, really, as it didn't change the fact that the woman was her CO and Javi would obey her. "All the mess halls, and many of the crew quarters, below are out of service, we were directed to ones on the upper decks, Ma'am."

"Oh... I guess that does make sense." Kayla should have know that, should have known what facilities were available for her people to find some solace in. And she did, well somewhat... her main focus was on the ship overall and it's operational state. "Are you on your way there? This looks suspiciously like someone who's working rather than taking a breather."

"Yes, that is my destination, Captain," Javi replied, which was the truth. She wouldn't hesitate and expected to, deviate from that final destination to help her shipmates as needed. Javi knew that she was one of the most experienced operations personnel still uninjured which added to the necessity of assisting others.

"Good, we're going to need everyone out there at their best... especially after we lost the Rocinante." Kayla tried to keep the dark sadness out of her tone, but the loss of the ship had been like an extra knife twisted into her. "I'm hoping we're through the worst of it..."

"Aye, Captain," Javi agreed with the sentiment, even if she knew that many of the personnel couldn't offer their actual best given the current circumstances. Some of the most junior personnel, though physically unharmed, were emotionally compromised with everything they'd just gone through. For many, it was their first hostile engagement.

The pair fell into a silence for a moment as they walked, Kayla wasn't sure what to say and she got the feeling that the other woman just wasn't one to talk with an officer. "You look familiar." The Trill finally said. It had been bugging her since the bridge, she felt like she'd seen the woman before but couldn't place her.

Not reacting, she was internally on high alert with the words the other woman had spoken. Javi wasn't used to officers, especially Command, saying that she looked familiar to them. It made her even warier than she had been, wondering where her CO was going with that thought. Javi hadn't read the Captain's service record beyond a quick glance, seeing that she had also served during the Dominion War and was prior-enlisted.

"Sorry, I know you've been aboard for a little while now, but I just had this feeling that I'd seen you before." Kayla had met a lot of people in her career, from all over the Federation. But there was something about the woman that just seemed familiar.

"That is possible, Ma'am," Javi had no idea where it might have been. Perhaps the Captain was mistaking her for someone else which was also entirely possible.

"Hmm strange..." Kayla shrugged, it would bug her for awhile, trying to figure this out. Maybe it was during the war... she'd met so many people in those times, so many people rotating through Triton she really couldn't keep track of all the replacements. "How are you holding up? I can't imagine it was easy out there after the Rocie..."

"I'm fine, Captain," She had been as shocked as everyone else when the runabout disappeared in an explosion. Javi was responsible for allowing the damaged craft out on the perimeter, which had resulted in the completely avoidable casualties. She wasn't going to have time to really absorb what had happened until the current crisis was over. "I've spoken to all the personnel assigned to the runabouts, they are shaken but are still able to perform their duties."

"Good, good." Kayla nodded a couple of times. "The Counseling staff's been working overtime lately, but your teams should certainly take some time to speak to them if needed." Sometimes having an outside perspective to talk to could help, even if it's just to get something simple off their chest.

"Aye, Captain. They were reminded of the resources available to assist," Javi responded with a sharp nod. The teams had all reacted to the advice with incredulous looks and negative responses; not surprising in the least given how many viewed the counselors in the Fleet.

"If there are any who really need it please let me know. I'd rather not put them out there again if it's too much." Everyone was carrying more weight than usual right now, some bore up to it better than others. Kayla had quite a bit of experience there, no more than any Veteran of the last war of course, but enough to know that everyone had a breaking point.

Javi was never keen on bringing personnel to the attention of the ship's Commanding Officer if it could be handled at a lower level, both for consideration of the crewmember's career and not wasting the time of her superiors. However, she also knew that sometimes it was necessary for the well-being of those she had responsibilities too. "I will do so, Captain."

"Thank you, I know it's not an easy request." When she was enlisted Kayla wouldn't have wanted to let the brass know either. The price of command, sometimes you had to do what was uncomfortable for the greater good.

"It was expected, Ma'am." Duty always had some less than pleasant aspects; this expectation was usually one of them. Javi would be shirking hers and doing the crew a disservice if she didn't prioritize their long-term health.

"But not exactly welcomed." Kayla almost smiled then. "I was an NCO at one point I remember being asked to do things by officers that I wasn't fully comfortable with." It wasn't exactly the same of course, Javiylah had been enlisted for most of her career, on balance Kayla had spent most of her career as an officer. "Never by my Captain though, so I appreciate you taking it in stride."

“Aye, Ma’am.” Javi’s previous superiors were never interested in how she felt about an order, much less an expectation. Considering that, she wasn’t sure how to take the Captain’s demeanor and finally settled on it being a test of her professionalism in both response and demeanor. Javi queued the operational information she knew, lists of ongoing repairs, personnel, and everything else that she was sure the officer would demand in a moment.

Kayla chuckled, she recognized when she was hitting the senior NCO wall. It wasn't the first time and wouldn't be the last, the Betazoid obviously fit the role of dutiful Bosun. "Can't imagine I'm going to get much more out of you than that, am I?"

"I would never presume, Ma'am," She was being extremely cautious and gave a very standard, professional answer. Javi was still waiting for a sudden shift in mood.

Her chuckle returned, the Trill shaking her head at the extremely straight delivery. Javiylah was definitely the quintessential Senior Non-Com. "Oh, but of course, I wouldn't expect anything less." Kayla felt herself genuinely smiling for the first time in... who knew how long at this point. It was good to talk to someone like the Chief, it reminded her of the old days.

"Well, I should let you go, don't want to use up your off time gabbing with me..."

Javi considered the situation as they continued to walk down the corridor. She didn't have any crewmembers currently-waiting on her for assistance so there wasn't an excuse to leave the Captain's presence. With a mental sigh, Javi resigned herself to remaining with the officer for the time being while hoping for another call from a shipmate in need.


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