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Orion, Won't You Give Me A Star Sign?

Posted on Mon May 14th, 2018 @ 12:59pm by Lieutenant Commander Linshara Thannis

Mission: S4E4: A Star Once Shone Bright
Location: Bridge, Communication Station
Timeline: following 'No More Damage'

Take a break. Get some rest, she'd said. Easy to say, a lot harder to do. Taking a break would mean being left alone to deal with feelings she was beginning to recognize as guilt. Guilt over missing the warning signs. Guilt over her failure leading to so many deaths.

Hurran, Chandra, Mesper, Seras and countless others. How could she rest now while they were likely still out there, waiting like a predator for the prey to make a mistake? Were they playing with the Venture? Waiting for an easy shot?

"There must come some time
to walk through the night line.
Hands tight... heads high.
These are the dog-ear years.
Don't turn back. Don't linger.
For Gods' sake keep moving.
Primitive shadows sidle beside."

An old poem entered her head, one that spoke of endurance during the hard times, about perseverance and the will to go on and survive. Instinct...

"Instinct...." The betazoid frowned a little as she stood at Ops, manning it in Chief MacArthur's absence. "Instinct...."

"Everyone acts on some sort of instinct." Linshara murmured to herself as she stepped away from the main Operations console, a crewman replacing her, and headed over to the communications console and sat.

Linshara tapped in a few commands, bringing up passive scanner communications readouts as well as logs recorded so far from before the attack up until the current time. She set the two to overlay and set the computer to analyze and compare the readouts. Thannis wondered if the Romulan ship may have appeared on their sensors in some form before the attack, so she looked for elevated neutrino emissions and similar instances in concert with dust particle movements that tactical had been looking at.

She'd also retasked a part of the processing power to look for any incoming communication or confirmation from the Raeyan Transit Communication Relay, a sign that their distress signal had made it to the relay which would pass it on to the nearest Federation installation, in this case, Faltan Station near Iccobar and Ruhoka.

Reaching over to the side, she picked opened up a small side pannel and took out a nowadays rarely used device by communications officers. At the turn of the century and before they had been the staple for receiving and understanding incoming communications. Nowadays they were a rarely used device, despite it's heavy upgrades, as most communications relied on the computer and its universal translator matrix.

Linshara at times preferred to listen to soundwave harmonics and sub-harmonics herself, especially when it came to romulans. She had been trained to recognize certain specifics, if she knew to look for them. So, she sat there, half hunched over the console, comm-piece in her ear, listening, head leaned to the side, propped against her hand as the computer worked.

"Are you still out here?" She wondered, "what are you waiting for?"

Another verse of an ancient song entered her mind, one of requests for guidance, ethereal symbolism.

"Orion, light your lights:
come guard the open spaces
from the black horizon to the pillow where I lie.
Your faithful dog shines brighter than its lord and master
Your jewelled sword twinkles as the world rolls by."

Linshara occasionally tapped in a new command, adding yet another frequency to listen for to the rotation. Occasionally, she would open her mind to sense for the creatures. Their single minded determination was almost calming among the chaos they had been enveloped in the past few hours.

"Instinct...just pure, overriding instinct...has this been how you've survived in here? Or are you somehow resistant to the effects of the nebula? Is it your home or just a place on your way to....where ever it is you are going to?" Part of her hoped they weren't running. However if they had been, wouldn't she, Sinara, MacArthur and Tusalo at the very least have sensed the fear?

Would they though? Would they have recognized fear?

Either way, between the choice of leaving the way they came and likely facing the romulans again and following these creatures, the latter was still the less bad of the two options. She hoped...

So minutes ticked by, the sounds of the Bridge dulled out by the background noises of the universe. Would Orion give them a star sign? Or would they be doomed to ride the tide to wherever it took them?


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